"Photography; Universal Language" is my slogan.
  • Lebanese Photographer
  • Camper and Adventurer

If someone asks me what kind of photography I like to capture with my Camera, well I would reply by the below points:

  • Landscape Photographer
  • Macro Photographer
  • Events, Weddings and Portrait Photographer

Attached to night, my Journey in Night Landscape Photography began.

Becoming member in Night Collective group beginning Year 2015 gave me the ability to Meet many Night Landscape Professional Photographers, which was a great kick off to progress and practice my skills. 

One Year after, I had the chance to hit Iceland; the Famous Country in Landscape sceneries. Iceland is known as a Paradise for Landscape Photographers. I was lucky to witness the Northern Lights and capture its glory.

My ambition in photography is not ONLY create and compose photographs, but also create an awesome and memorable experience.